IPFA, the association for the not-for-profit plasma organisations

The International Plasma and Fractionation Association (IPFA) is an association representing organisations engaged in the collection of plasma and fractionation of it into plasma-derived medicinal products. IPFA´s members are from the not-for-profit sector and come from all over the world. They represent both blood establishments collecting plasma and manufactures (fractionators) who produce the plasma-derived products.  

IPFA´s aim is to enable robust, safe supply and patient access to life-saving plasma-derived medicines, while strengthening the contribution and ability of the public sector to collect plasma within their communities for this purpose. We encourage and help the not-for-profit blood establishment to increase their collection of plasma for fractionation and their aims to conduct this task alongside the collection of other blood components, with a strong an emphasis on donations without financial gain, donor health protection and long-term commitment.  

Plasma is a strategic resource for plasma-derived medicines, needed all over the world. By focusing on local and regional collection of plasma and its use to produce medicines for the same community, the combined efforts become an integral part of a public health system and bring health value to patients. This way countries and regions can reach a better level of strategic independence for both plasma and plasma-derived medicines, which is both sustainable and plays a key role in contingency planning. 


IPFA Events

An integral part of our activities are the events we arrange to offer education, discussion on important topics and training in the field of plasma collection and fractionation. The Workshop on Screening and Surveillance of Blood-borne pathogens which we arrange annually since the 1990´s in cooperation with the Paul-Ehrlich-Insititut in Germany (PEI) is a well recognised and important meeting for scientists, national authorities, company representatives and other stakeholders with an interest in a continued high safety for blood and plasma products.

We also collaborate with other organisations and arrange and participate in meetings, workshops and webinars on topics related to collection and supply of plasma, quality and safety related to plasma collection and manufacturing of plasma-derived medicines and similar related topics.