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23 May 2012 - 24 May 2012

IPFA/PEI 19th International Workshop on Surveillance and Screening of Blood Borne Pathogens - Budapest, Hungary

Budapest rocks!!

Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service hosted the ‘IPFA/PEI 19th International Workshop on Surveillance and Screening of Blood Borne Pathogens’ in Budapest 23-24 May 2012.

The annual IPFA/PEI International Workshop was held this year in the beautiful city of Budapest. The Workshop attracted 225 delegates from 33 countries, worldwide, representing Blood Establishments, Plasma Fractionators, Industry, Patient Organisations, Regulatory Authorities and Control Laboratories, Academia and Research Institutes.

The scientific programme covered a wide range of topics of importance to those concerned with maintaining a safe and secure supply of blood and plasma products for patients. These included the need for continued rigorous surveillance of known risks and future potential risks, the potential application of new technologies as well as protecting donor health and critically examining the cost effectiveness of current and prospective safety interventions in the wider context of health care priorities and public/society expectations.

Feedback from participants suggests that the meeting was productive, relevant and informative – and also enjoyable. Some comments from delegates:

• ‘Yet again another successful informative and relevant Workshop’
• ‘Excellent scientific programme and speakers’
• ‘One of the most pleasant meetings I have ever attended’
• ‘Great meeting, excellent venue, warm hospitality. All in all: splendid!’

The organisers wish to offer an enormous vote of thanks to the hosts, speakers, participants, sponsors and all those who contributed to the success of this years meeting. As Dr Roger Dodd said in the closing session ’Budapest rocks!!’.

Our Proceedings of the meeting will be available to all attendees on the IPFA website and by CD rom.

IPFA will continue to explore possibilities for future international and regional events in the field of plasma and plasma products. IPFA will be pleased to receive and consider proposals.


The IPFA/PEI Workshop 2012 was
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