EDQM symposium on Plasma Supply Management

Strasbourg, France
29 January 2019 - 30 January 2019

The EDQM is pleased to announce it is organising a symposium on ‘Plasma Supply Management’ in Strasbourg (France) on 29-30 January 2019.

Human plasma is the critical component of numerous therapeutic products used in the treatment of life-threatening diseases, including bleeding disorders, immune system disorders and several other severe pathologies. In recent years, the global use of and demand for plasma for fractionation has grown and this trend is expected to continue. European patients are highly dependent on USA collected plasma, which puts Europe at risk in case of any sudden supply interruptions. It is therefore important that plasma collection by blood services is intensified within Europe while respecting a fundamental human right namely, donor protection.

This symposium will discuss the facts and scientific evidence surrounding the collection of plasma for fractionation and the elaboration of donor eligibility criteria to ensure donor protection. Evidence-based data will be used to revise the text of the next edition of the ‘Guide to the preparation, use and quality assurance of blood components’ (20th Edition), published by the EDQM/Council of Europe.

This symposium will:

  • Discuss the obstacles to strategic independence of plasma for fractionation in Europe
  • Discuss donor safety, donor selection and donor management
  • Provide an update on national and international regulations and current developments

IPFA representation

The following IPFA staff members are present at this EDQM event:

Executive Director– Dr Paul Strengers
Director Scientific and Regulatory Affairs – Dr Françoise Rossi
Would you like to exchange ideas and perhaps learn more about the IPFA initiatives and activities than we look forward to meeting you. Should you wish to make an appointment please contact us: T. +31 20 512 3561 E. info@ipfa.nl