IPFA/EBA Symposium on Plasma Collection and Supply

News September 2023
In addition to proceedings presented on this web site, they are also available and published in Vox Sanguinis
Our two-day symposium was well attended with close to 200 persons from 30 different countries, and gave a great opportunity to meet, learn and network after the long pandemic time. We are so grateful to all who made this event possible and gave their valuable contribution.

The main focus of the symposium was on how the public sector and its blood establishments can strengthen the collection and supply of plasma to meet the patients’ demand for plasma derived medicines. The programme started with the recognition of the current crisis situation in the world, which after a gradually improvement in the pandemic situation now has met with a serious war situation in Ukraine. Colleagues from there who were unable to join in person sent their regards to the attendants, and our plasma community continues its efforts to support the war victims.

The highly interesting presentations, the high engagement in the discussions after them and among all participants clearly showed how dedicated the blood establishments and its stakeholders in the public sector are in building the basis and improving the plasma collection and supply. Much has been done, more will be done, and we hope that the symposium and its proceedings will be helpful for all who are working on improving the plasma collection and supply for their communities.

The symposium proceedings are now available, also for those who could not attend it in person.

We look forward to seeing you at our future events!

Leni von Bonsdorff, Executive Director IPFA
Pierre Tiberghien, President EBA