IPFA/PEI 28th International Workshop on Surveillance and Screening of Blood-borne Pathogens

Crowne Plaza Porto

IPFA and PEI are happy to announce that the
28th International Workshop on Surveillance and Screening of Blood-borne Pathogens is back again 21-22 September 2022

The 28th Workshop will be a fully onsite event, in the beautiful city of Porto in Portugal.

Like previous editions, the Workshop will address the detection, inactivation and epidemiology of new and old agents that threaten the safety of blood components as well as plasma medicines. The scientific programme will focus on items of specific interest for the blood and plasma collection establishments.

Topics included are:
• Coronavirus/Sarbecovirus Evolution and outlook
• Lessons learnt from the SARS-Cov-2 Pandemic
• Update on Blood Screening Technologies
• Pandemic Surveillance and Preparedness
• MSM and other donor deferral issues.
• vCJD and other prion diseases
• Manufacturers session

Who should attend?
The annual IPFA/PEI workshop is recognized as the leading event for discussion and assessment of all types of risks caused by infectious agents which may have an impact on the safety of blood components and plasma medicines. The Workshop will be valuable to all professionals with an interest in maintaining the safety of the patients who are treated with blood components or plasma medicinal products.

This includes:
• Blood establishments
• Doctors and health care providers
• Pharma, diagnostic and other related industry
• Regulatory authorities
• Patient organisations
• Academia

We warmly welcome you to attend this meeting and look forward to active participation from all over the world!

Dr. Leni von Bonsdorff, Executive Director IPFA
Dr. Micha Nübling, PEI