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23 April 2013 - 24 April 2013

IPFA/PEI 20th International Workshop on Surveillance and Screening of Blood Borne Pathogens - Helsinki, Finland | 20th Anniversary Event

Helsinki: past reflections, present challenges, FUTURE prospects.

The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service hosted the ‘IPFA/PEI 20th International Workshop on Surveillance and Screening of Blood Borne Pathogens’ in Helsinki, 23-24 April 2013.

This event returned to the friendly city of Helsinki to mark the 20th anniversary of this annual meeting which was originally convened in 1994. The Workshop attracted a record attendance by 250 delegates from 35 countries worldwide, representing Blood Establishments, Plasma Fractionators, Industry, Patient Organisations, Regulatory Authorities and Control Laboratories, Academia and Research Institutes.

The Scientific Programme reflected on the progress and achievements in blood safety over the last 20 years, considered current challenges and potential threats and looked to the future to consider likely developments, prospects and needs for screening and surveillance in the future.  

The Programme covered a wide range of topics of importance to those concerned with maintaining a safe and secure supply of blood and plasma products for patients. These included the availability and potential use of plasma in developing countries, management of risk and costs, the latest technological developments, an update session on WNV and vCJD and a detailed consideration of the relevance of HEV and potential zoonotic agents.

The organisers wish to offer an enormous vote of thanks to the hosts, speakers, participants, sponsors and all those who contributed to the success of this years meeting. Our Proceedings of the meeting will be available to all attendees on the IPFA website and by CD rom.

IPFA and PEI look forward to seeing regular attendees and new delegates at its 21st meeting in Rome next year!

Some kind words from a valued colleague and friend, Dr Harvey J. Alter:

"I am very sorry that I am not among my friends at IPFA/PEI. Your meetings are great, but it is the friendships that are important and that I will miss the most.

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary dear IPFA
We hold up our glasses and in your honor take a sip-fa
And then we honor you again and take another nip-fa
So much nipping and sipping we are not well equip-fa
But we’re willing to do it because it is you that we flip for  

IPFA and excellence go hand-in-handly
For 20 years, you have served us so grandly
In the plasma world, you and PEI are the Holy landly
I wish I were there to give you all a hug and to shake your handly."    

IPFA Workshop Bob Perry Rajaniemi Finland Finnish Medicines Agency IPFA PEI Workshop 2013 Finland Crowne Plaza
FDA Dr Jay Epsein US Food and Drug Administration Scinomed UK Jeff Andrew Lane Dr Bob Perry IPFA Juhani Leikola IPFA PEI Workshop 2013
Sanquin Lieshout Krikke Prof Hans Zaaijer Wim de Kort IPFA PEI Workshop 2013 Shirley Owusu Ofori Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital
Novartis  IPFA PEI Workshop 2013 Dr John Hackett Abbott Diagnostics USA
GFE Blut Dr Rolf Thermann IPFA PEI Workshop 2013 Prof Albert Farrugia Helena Bunkens Terumo BCT IPFA PEI Workshop 2013 Finland Helsinki
Prof Junka Tanaka Japan IPFA PEI Workshop 2013 Dr Harry Dalton Speaker IPFA PEI Workshop 2013
Prof Dr Hans Zaaijer Sanquin Speaker IPFA PEI Workshop 2013 Dr Jan Felix Drexler University of Bonn Medical Centre Speaker IPFA PEI Workshop 2013
Prof Frank Miedema University Medical Center Utrecht IPFA PEI Workshop 2013 Dr J.F. Drexler Dr H. Dalton Dr S. Bayliss Prof Dr H. Zaaijer Mr. J. Vincini Speakers IPFA PEI Workshop 2013



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Cerus sponsor IPFA/PEI Workshop 2013

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IPFA PEI Workshop poem Dr Harvey Alter USA
Dr Harvey J. Alter