The ATMF/IPFA Joint Webinars

We kindly invite you to participate in the unique series of educational webinars:


“National Strategies to ensure Safe and Adequate Supply of Blood, Blood Components, and Plasma Derived Medicinal Products”

IPFA (International Plasma and Fractionation Association) and ATMF (Transfusion Medicine Forum, Arabic-speaking countries) are arranging for the first time, as a joint venture, a series of four webinars starting in September 2021.
The webinars will open doors for further encouraging and sharing experience among experts in the field transfusion in the Arab-speaking countries. In the same, it facilitates the international and regional role and responsibility of IPFA by contributing in improving the overall quality and performance of national transfusion services and in particular in the much-needed efforts for provision, quality and sustainable availability of plasma and Plasma Derived Medicinal Products.

About ATMF
ATMF (Transfusion Medicine Forum, Arabic-speaking countries) was established by a group of medical professionals in 2003/2004, with a vision to improve the quality of transfusion medical practice in the 20 or so Arabic speaking countries and region, with a population close to 430 million inhabitants.
The main and basic starting activity consisted of a series of annual structured courses for scientific and clinical practitioners on subjects important for blood transfusion medicine covering the chain from donor to recipient. The uniqueness of the initiative is that knowledge, training and experience in the field is translated to the specific local circumstances, while the Arab speaking delegates can exchange in their own language their views on the best way for implementation with assistance of international experts. Over the last years, 15 structured courses were conducted and hosted by a number of countries with an average of 100 participants per course. The activities extended to cover specific projects and studies on important regional topics including donor care, quality assurance, screening and testing, component production, haemovigilance etc.
Initially, ATMF had a special link and support with the ISBT. It later extended its links to the national blood transfusion societies in the region, the WHO-EMRO office, the AABT of the League of Arab Nations, and lately the EFS in France and recently the International Plasma and Fractionation Association (IPFA).