IPFA announces Dr. Albert Farrugia as new consultant

24 May 2022

IPFA is pleased to announce that Dr. Albert Farrugia has started as a consultant. Dr. Farrugia, now retired, has worked in the plasma field all his working life both in the public and the private sector.

Albert explains his view and interest to work for IPFA and its mission: “I am extremely happy and grateful for the opportunity of applying my skills and experience in IPFA. I am concerned that the increasing concentration of the source of plasma for fractionation as well as its manufacture into products is resulting in bad outcomes for patients dependent on these products. I hope to use my background in assessing plasma quality, analyzing the evidence for the demand of plasma products, and evaluating fractionation technologies in developing optimal strategies for the collection of plasma and its fractionation to ensure the continued viability of the public sector as a crucial player in this field. I am convinced that the supply of these essential medicines is a duty for the public health system, and I hope to use my knowledge of governmental processes to enhance IPFA’s traction within the institutions of the EU.” 

We at IPFA are so pleased to have Albert supporting us. With his outstanding knowledge and experience of the plasma field and extensive network we have high and justifiable expectations for our future collaboration.