Membership Application

Applications for membership are welcomed from any legal entity which on a not-for-profit basis collects plasma or operates a fractionation facility, or collects plasma and contributes to national supply by arranging fractionation by a third party, and which is dedicated to high standards of quality and safety. Also, other not-for-profit organizations who contribute to the field may apply for membership. The admission of new members to IPFA is subject to approval by its Executive Board. 

Please contact us at if you are interested to become a member of IPFA or would like to know more about the IPFA membership. 

Membership to IPFA provides several benefits
IPFA members highly appreciate the sharing of information in meetings and by other means. Executive Board and other meetings offer the members a unique platform for exchange of news and information of common interest, as well as knowledge and know-how.  

IPFA represents and acts on behalf of the collective membership in international meetings and consultations with competent authorities and other third parties. For consultation purposes IPFA, a ‘interested party’ and registered stakeholder, is invited or given the opportunity to provide advice through the consolidated views from the membership on regulatory issues and draft regulations, relevant to plasma and plasma derivatives. This provides all members the opportunity to present their views, concerns, suggestions and recommendations, either in writing or through presentations at dedicated meetings or hearings. 

IPFA actively supports and promotes among relevant political and regulatory bodies the aims and principles of IPFA and its members. Special attention is given to the not-for-profit status of the members, the collection and supply of sufficient amounts of plasma, the aim to secure the national supply of PDMPs, the ethical commitment to serve donors and patients, the dedication to high standards of quality and safety, and the significant contributions to public health. Increased and continuous awareness of the aims and principles of IPFA and its members will strengthen the positions of the IPFA members in the national and international community. 

 IFPFA members have the opportunity to participate in working groups and specific projects, for example the IPFA Working Group on Regulatory and Clinical Affairs, which brings together experts from IPFA members and is responsible for maintaining awareness of relevant regulatory developments through surveillance, analysis and assessment of the impact thereof on IPFA member activities. 

IPFA members have an important role in the events arranged by IPFA. They can take part in scientific programme committees, act as speakers and moderators, and offer the events as training and education for their staff and stakeholders.