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Report of the 24th International IPFA/PEI Workshop


Report of the 24th International IPFA/PEI Workshop on “Surveillance and Screening of Blood-borne Pathogens” Zagreb, Croatia 16 - 17 May 2017

The 24th annual IPFA/PEI Workshop on Surveillance and Screening of Blood-borne Pathogens was this year held in Zagreb, Croatia and hosted by the Croation Institute of Transfusion Medicine.

This workshop has for many years been a key event in the IPFA calendar and in response to the consistent views of participants and delegates’, we seek to focus the agenda and scientific programme specifically on the microbiological safety of transfusion products. This years meeting continued this focus and tradition but also provided an insight into the potential power of national and international blood transfusion databases for wider public health goals and personalised medicine. Dr Christian Erikstrup presented a stimulating and provocative opening Key Note presentation. This was followed by two days of truly world class presentations and discussion on topics of immediate relevance and potential future importance to the transfusion community and the patients they serve. The workshop concluded with a session on prospects for a cure for HIV and the potential impact of current prophylactic interventions for the efficacy of donor screening for HIV.

The Workshop welcomed 180 delegates from 27 countries worldwide to consider current policies, strategies and future initiatives to keep the blood supply safe – and cost effective!

We warmly invite you to read the Workshop report