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The International Plasma and Fractionation Association (IPFA) is the international umbrella association promoting the interests and activities of its member organisations involved in the collection of human blood and plasma, and the manufacture and supply of medicines derived from human plasma.

Plasma-derived medicines are essential for the treatment of coagulation factor deficiencies such as haemophilia, immune deficiencies as well as immune system related diseases such as inflammatory and auto-immune diseases, and circulatory dysfunctions such as shock. These medicines are recognised by the World Health Association (WHO) as essential for any health care programme.

IPFA and its member organisations strive to ensure greater global and national access to these life saving plasma-derived medicinal products for patients and healthcare providers based on a preference for and commitment to the “gift model” of blood and plasma donation without remuneration (Voluntary Non Remunerated Blood Donation, VNRBD) and the “Not for Profit business model” where no financial gain flows from VNRBD to external or individual stakeholder.


Paul Strengers Executive President, International Plasma Fractionation Association

Dr Paul Strengers
Executive Director IPFA




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