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IPFA members are located in all different regions of the world. While each member organisation has its own history and culture, they all share a commitment to high standards of quality and safety. Their active involvement in plasma fractionation is the common characteristic, either as a fractionator or as a (national) blood service that is responsible for the collection of plasma and/or distribution of the final products.

Commitment and Experience
The collective international experience of IPFA members provide a rich source of expertise and know-how, both in blood and plasma collection and plasma fractionation. IPFA members are not-for-profit organisations, committed and active globally in the field of blood and plasma products. Their aim is to secure the national availability and supply of quality and safe plasma derivatives. With the commitment to serve patients in their communities, IPFA members support the principles and policies of voluntary non-remunerated donations (VNRBD).

This international community of members has a strong tradition of mutual support and collaboration and also of providing support and assistance to organisations worldwide who seek to improve patient access to plasma products.

Applications for IPFA membership
Applications for membership are welcomed from any legal entity which on a not-for-profit basis operates a fractionation facility or collects plasma and contributes to national supply by arranging fractionation by a third party, and which is dedicated to high standards of quality and safety. The admission of new members to IPFA is subject to approval by its Executive Board and in accordance with its Statutes.

Membership enquiries may be addressed to the IPFA Secretariat:

E : 
T : +31 20 512 3561
F : +31 20 512 3559