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Proceedings IPFA/PEI Workshop 2015 Prague, Czech Republic

The proceedings of the IPFA/PEI Workshop in Prague are kindly sponsored by:

Grifols, formerly Novartis, sponsor IPFA/PEI Workshop 2014

With our sincere appreciation and thanks to you all for contributing and participating in this year's workshop and in particular to our speakers for agreeing to publish their presentations. Please double click on the title of the presentation you wish to view.

In case you encounter a difficulty in opening / uploading the individual presentations below, then please use the following zip files to access the proceedings:

Zip file - presentations day one

Zip files - presentations day two

The password for opening the PDF's is ip2622pr

DAY ONE – Wednesday 20 May 2015

Session 1:
Opening Session 
 Welcome and Introduction
Chair: Dr P. Strengers

Session 2:
Hepatitis E Virus (HEV)
Chair: Prof. R. Tedder

Session 3:
Emerging Viruses
Chair: Prof. Dr H. Zaaijer

Session 4:

Chair: Prof. Dr H. Zaaijer

DAY TWO – Thursday 21 May 2015

Session 5:
Manufacturers' Session

Chair: Mr J. Vincini

  • Abbott Diagnostics | Revolutionizing HIV Surveillance: Application of Next- Generation Sequencing  Approaches – Dr J. Hackett. Presentation is not available.

  • Cerus | Pathogen Inactivation and Blood Safety Strategies in the US – Dr R. Benjamin

  • GFE Blut | New Developments and Releases from GFE Blut – Prof. Dr K. Roth. Presentation is not available.

  • Grifols | Detection of Pathogens in Blood and Plasma Donors – Dr J. Linnen. Presentation is not available.

  • Roche Molecular Systems | Roche Development Update - Mr T. Hardiman. Presentation is not available.

Session 6:
Testing Algorithms and Safety Strategies 
Chair: Dr N. Lelie

Session 7:
Risk Assessment and Risk Based Decision Making (RBDM)
Chair: Dr M. Busch

Meeting closure - Dr R. Perry, IPFA, the Netherlands

The proceedings of the IPFA/PEI Workshop in Prague are kindly sponsored by:

The IPFA/PEI Workshop 2015 Prague Proceedings are kindly sponsored by Grifols