Safety profile of UK plasma for fractionation

13 March 2023

IPFA contributes to demonstrating that plasma from donors in the UK is safe for fractionation to plasma products

UK is now ready and willing to resume plasma supply after 25 years. In this new article, the safety profile of plasma for fractionation donated in the United Kingdom with respect to variant Creutzfeld-Jakob disease is described. With contribution of scientific experts from the field, including IPFA, the authors conclude that UK plasma is safe for fractionation and urge blood regulators and operators to take account of this safety profile when considering fractionation of UK plasma, and to revise their guidelines on the deferral of donors who have lived in, or received a transfusion in, the United Kingdom. This would be a great advance in availability of PDMPs for patients in UK and increased availability of imported plasma from the US currently needed for patients in EU countries and elsewhere.

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