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The work of IPFA is supported by an experienced team of staff based at its secretariat in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The team maintains an awareness of key developments in the field of plasma products, provides information to members and acts as an advocate and representative voice for its members in discussions with Regulatory Authorities, Patient Organisations and other stakeholders.

Staff International Plasma Fractionation Assocation

  • Executive Director - Dr Paul Strengers
  • Director Scientific and Regulatory Affairs - Dr Françoise Rossi
  • Consultant - Dr. Bob Perry
  • Executive Assistant - Mrs Domenica Pani
  • Congress Organiser - Mrs Mariska Mooijekind
  • Webmaster and Assistant Congress Organiser - Mrs Linda Heil


IPFA team: Dr Robert Perry Dr Francoise Rossi Linda Heil Mariska Mooijekind Dr Paul Strengers Domenica Pani

Bob Perry | Françoise Rossi | Linda Heil | Mariska Mooijekind | Paul Strengers | Domenica Pani