World Blood Donor Day – 14 June 2022

14 June 2022

The concept of Inconvenience in the voluntary non-remunerated donation

In the altruistic donation, the whole purpose of the blood or plasma donation is giving away from one’s time, energy, element of one’s body, and so on. This is “to sacrifice oneself for another”, the very giving gesture. Therefore, the concept of compensation due to inconvenience used by others introduces a wrong attitude to a non-paid donation. In fact, “inconvenience enhances the gift “. The act of giving should be approached with pride, but also with humility. To contribute to saving life is a privilege and surpassing any impediments to that gift enhances the privilege.

IPFA encourages all the authorities involved in blood donation to facilitate the path towards gaining this privilege. Donors are encouraged to recognise that they are contributing to the public health, in institutions which operate without any commercial stimulus, in systems funded by public assets and, sometimes, in challenging resource allocation. IPFA salutes the blood and plasma donors which save lives and the health care providers which assist them in providing their gift.

Today, we are celebrating Word Blood Donor Day. Click on the image below to hear from IPFA and our Members what this means to them:

World Blood Donor Day is an important day to celebrate your good faith for your contribution to healthcare. In recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for treatment with drugs obtained from your donation, resulting in the need for more plasma. Therefore, on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, we would be delighted if you could contribute to healthcare with your good faith through the act of blood donation.

Ta-Ke Iijima, JB, Japan Blood Products Organization